Let’s Get Social!

Do you remember Tom from My Space? The minute you signed up from the social media platform, he became your first friend.

Sadly, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter don’t have a Tom. You have to work to get your first follower and pretty much every one after that.

But how are you possibly to know which social media is the right one for your business?

Hey, I got you. And here are some answers:

Let’s say you’re a jewelry designer. But it’s no ordinary jewelry. You create little bracelets for fashionable babies and toddlers. Then hands-down, you want to be on Instagram. Why? Because let’s talk about who your target market is. Do you want Chicago West and Rumi Carter to be sporting your styles? Of course you do! That’s why you need to go where the fashion-forward millennial moms are.

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Suppose you’re a music teacher. But you’re the kind of instructor who’s totally comfortable with teaching in person or via skype. You need to be focusing on video tutorials which you should be posting on, wait for it, Youtube. But in order to reach your prospective students’ parents…it would be a great idea to be building up your Facebook reach because that’s where they’re hanging out.

Finally, what if you own a store with all gorgeous things for a baby’s nursery. Your key demo is hanging out on pinterest! These mamas-to-be are pinning ideas for their baby’s habitat looong before baby arrives. Instagram will also be a wonderful place to focus, so split your time between these two platforms and you’ll be golden!

Whatever your business, there’s at least one social media platform that will benefit you and help you showcase all your talents and/or products. Schedule your free consultation with me today so I can help you find the perfect social media strategy!

Cheers to your success,