Social Media Is For Everyone

Does social media scare you a bit or even give you anxiety? The thing about being a business owner in 2019 is that if you aren’t on social media, you’re not reaching your ideal customers in the most direct way possible.

A lot of people say, ‘well I’m on Facebook but Instagram is just over my head.’ And when I mention live video, people sometimes shudder!

I’m here to tell you that YOU are capable of understanding the basics of social media and how these fantastic platforms can fit seamlessly into your overall marketing strategy for your business.

Whether you have a service-based company or you sell products, your perfect client/customer can be found on social media. What’s more, if you don’t have a presence on these social platforms, you’re losing credibility!

The basics of what you’ll need to create and optimize each social media platform include:

  • A “handle” (a name) which ideally is the same across all social media channels. But if one is taken, don’t worry. You can alter it slightly so that it still has the same impact. For example, our Twitter is @VIPBusinessAZ but it still goes along with the rest of our social platforms.

  • A brief description of what you do. It needs to be punchy, short and to the point. Bonus for adding emojis!

  • A gorgeous photo with people in it depicting what you do or who you are. You can use a logo in some situations but if you can include a picture of a human, that’ll attract more attention.

  • And finally some content! You can create your own or curate it from other sources. But remember, content is key.

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I know what you’re thinking. You’re the expert at what your business does. How can you be expected to be an expert at digital marketing too? Plus, who on earth has that kind of time to devote?

Try starting with one platform at a time so as not to get overwhelmed. Take Instagram, for example. After you’ve set up your profile (as described above), you’ll want to begin curating photos and start posting at least once a day. Use of hashtags is a must so people can search for topics and find your posts.

After a week, you’ll start to see that posting on Instagram has become more natural to you.

Repeat steps with other social media platforms and soon you may even start to enjoy posting on the various platforms!

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