Pinterest Can Be a Game Changer For Your Business

Pinterest gets lumped in with the other social media platforms but it’s actually in a league of its own.

Think about how you use Pinterest for a minute. Do you go on there to chat with your friends and catch up the latest news? I should be hearing a resounding “no” right now.

And you’re right.

That’s because Pinterest is actually a search engine.


You go on Pinterest when you want to search office décor, recipes, flower arranging, self-help topics, birthday party ideas and much more. Not to see pictures of where some guy from high school went camping last summer!

So let me ask, what kinds of things are you posting to Pinterest?

If your answer is “nothing,” that’s totally ok! That’s why you’re here. If the answer is, I’m posting my blog posts to Pinterest with a graphic, that’s even better!

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The point of Pinterest is to be a visual search engine that provides its users with valuable information and content.

Now ask yourself, what can I post to Pinterest that is valuable content?

If you’re a realtor, you could post a listicle like Top 10 Things To Do To Get Your House Ready for Market.

If you’re a photographer, you could post before and after photos and explain editing best practices.

If you’re a personal trainer or physical therapist, you could create short video workouts to post.

If you sell baby clothes, you could add tips for new parents about changing baby in public.

And the list goes on…

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Repinning other people’s posts to your page will also create buzz for you.

If you’re reposting good, relevant content, your followers will be interested in it too. And they’ll repin what you’ve pinned.


When looking to grow your following on Pinterest, listen closely because this is key: How you organize your pins is just as important as what you pin. The reason is again, because Pinterest is a search engine, your boards have to be searchable!

When you’re interested in Halloween costumes for kids, you’re going to type in the search bar “halloween costumes for kids” right? You wouldn’t do a search for “My favorite halloween costume that Billy wore”.

So remember when you’re choosing board names, make them easy to find!

Got more questions? I’m always happy to answer them!

To your success,



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