How To Blog: 20 Simple Ideas for Blog Post Writing


Getting ideas for blogging can seem like a hugely daunting task if you’re not the writing type.

 When you sit down to write at in front of a blank page, and you can’t come up with an idea, it’s enough to make you want to get up and run!


No more running! Let’s reframe how you think about blog writing.

Put yourself in your client’s or customer’s head. What might they want to know more about?


Here is a list of ideas for you to get started with your blog writing that’s sure to spark even more ideas going forward:

  1. Look around your office. What are some things that might jolt your brain into action? For me, sometimes it’s a note I’ve jotted down, something on my to-do list, or an email someone has sent me that makes me think, maybe I should write a blog about that because my clients will surely want to know.
  2. Ask your social media followers. What are some of the topics that they’re interested in learning about. You might hear different answers from your followers on Instagram and those on Facebook so use all the feedback to come up with some great topics.
  3. Can you give your readers a step by step guide on something you do that seems second nature? Perhaps you’re a realtor who only reps sellers. Wouldn’t your clients want to know the steps they need to take to get their home ready for the market? Or if you’re an interior designer, wouldn’t your clients want to know the steps to choosing the right color palette for decorating their home?
  4. Timeliness. Find something going on in the news that you could incorporate into a blog post about your business. Has Beyonce does something that everyone’s talking about that could fit into a cool post? Remember the blue/black vs. white/gold dress? When crazy things like that go viral, jump on them!
  5. National Days. There are so many National “something” days that you’ll definitely be able to find many that apply to your business. Do a simple google search to find the (endless) list and incorporate a few into your blogs.
  6. Survey your email subscribers. Send a questionnaire via survey monkey and ask your subscribers what they’re interested in reading about in your blogs. To sweeten the deals and get the most responses, offer a gift card to one lucky winner!
  7. Sign up for email lists of other people or brands in your line of work. See what they’re sending out and if something gives you an idea, create your own material on the subject.
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  1. DIY doesn’t have to mean crafting. Is there anything in your profession that someone could do themselves for less cost? People love free or low-cost hacks that help them accomplish something they’d never thought of before or didn’t know about before.
  2. Guest posting. Give yourself a bit of a break and invite someone in your niche to write a piece that you can post on your blog. Not a direct competitor, but someone whose work complements yours.
  3. Have a great picture? Remember a picture’s worth 1000 words. Write a blog post telling the backstory of the photo, what’s occurring and why it’s important for your readers to know.
  4. A new discovery you’ve made. Found out something new? New technology? New way of doing something? Tell your readers about it!
  5. People love downloading free content. Create a checklist or a cheatsheet that will help your followers learn something new or do something different.
  6. Are you reading a great book or you caught a Netflix series that really resonated with you in your professional life? Write a review of it for your blog.
  7. Get personal. Write a personal post about your “Why.” Answer the questions: how you got into your line of work, who inspired you and who continues to inspire you, what gets you out of bed in the morning, how you deal with bad days, and why you do what you do.
  8. Do a Q&A. Interviewing someone in your field who provides great info will add more interest to your blog because he or she can provide information that works nicely with the information you provide regularly.
  9. Write the first chapter of the e-book you’ve been wanting to write. Not only will it get you in the writing mood, it’ll be a great barometer to see if your clients/customers are interested in the topic.
  10. Create a profile post on one of your clients/customers (with their permission). They’ll love the attention and it’ll show others what great treatment they can expect.
  11. Write a roundup of advice from other people in your niche. After you reach out to them and ask their advice, curate their advice into a blog post. Make sure to send it to them to share as well!
  12. Curate a gift guide around the holidays for clients or customers featuring items and experiences you know they’ll love.
  13. Repurpose your content! Did you ever write a really awesome email that you worked super hard on? Turn it into a blog post.

Let me know if you have any more ideas to add to the list! Happy Blogging!

Cheers to your success,


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