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Don’t just sit on your email list, grow it!

Why It’s Important to Grow Email Lists

If you’re more concerned about growing your Instagram following or your Facebook follower count, let me give you something to think about.

All the followers in the world won’t matter if one day you wake up and Instagram has shut down your account. How would you possibly reach all those people ever again? Well, if you had all their email addresses you could, right?

That’s why growing your email list should be a big priority for your marketing efforts.

Ways to Grow Your List

You’d be surprised at all the opportunities you have to start collecting email addresses

Here’s a list of ways to grow your email list.

  • Ask your friends and family to sign up

  • At networking events exchange business cards

  • At events, have a table and ask people for email addresses in exchange for entering to win a prize

  • On social media, include a link to a landing page, and keep reposting link to ask people to sign up

  • On your website, have opt-in available through pop up, announcement bar, in the footer

  • Do a giveaway on social media and to enter they must give their email address

  • Put a link at the bottom of your email signature

  • Share a freebie in Facebook groups you’re a part of

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How to Keep Growing Your Email List

Here are some ways to keep the email address collection momentum going:

  • At the bottom of every email you send, you should have a “share” button. This will allow your subscribers to also share your content with their friends on social media and email.

  • In your Instastories, remind people to sign up for your freebie every 5 or so days. This way new people will be seeing this all the time.

  • Post on facebook about your freebie and if you run a facebook group, pin your freebie form to the top.

  • Pin it to your Pinterest page and the link to get it is your landing page.

  • Post it to twitter with a link to the landing page

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Crafting the Perfect Opt-in for Email Subscribers

You’ve probably heard the phrases “opt-in,” “lead magnet,” and “freebie.” They all actually mean the same thing! The phrase refers to something you are giving away for free that contains valuable content for your followers and community.

It can be in the form of a cheatsheet, a quiz, a checklist, an e-book, a single chapter from a longer e-book, a step-by-step guide, a recipe and more. But the goals for creating the opt-in are always the same.

Reasons to Create an Opt-in

Creating an opt-in is like giving you a foot in the door. You’re saying to your prospective customer or client: “Here, I have this valuable thing to give you completely for free. It will help you and all I would like in exchange is your email address.”

It shows prospective customers/clients that you have something to offer and you don’t want anything in return (yet).

Providing a freebie also creates trust in your brand. When you teach someone something or make their lives easier in some way, they’re going to remember you and want to keep your relationship going.

How to Create the Opt-in

Decide what type of freebie you are going to create then plot it out in a word document. When you’re ready to start the design process, I recommend using canva because it’s such a user-friendly site and has so many beautiful choices for graphics and design. You could also use photoshop or picmonkey if that’s your preferred way to design.

Then it’s time to share your opt-in and watch the subscribers roll in!

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