Why Email Marketing Is Important

Email marketing is the broad and a bit daunting sounding name given to one of the greatest forms of marketing ever invented.

It’s much better than driving by a billboard on the side of the highway because it’s actually directed at the right audience: the people who’ve subscribed to your list.

They’re interested in what you’re selling or the service you’re providing.

They want to know what you have to say because they believe you’re an expert and you’re going to provide them with valuable tips and maybe even the occasional discount.

Emails Are Direct Marketing

Email marketing is an intimate experience. Every week you show up in someone’s inbox while they’re relaxing on their sofa or even lying in bed.

It’s your direct link to someone that belongs to you. Collecting email addresses allows you to reach your ideal clients and customers directly.

Email Marketing Is Low Risk

Facebook and Instagram own your followers. You don’t.

That means if one day Instagram decides to shut down your account, all your followers will be gone and you’ll have absolutely no way of ever reaching them again.

The Benefit of Email Marketing

When you send free and valuable content to people who want to read it, they’re hooked.

They’re going to keep coming back for more. They know that you’re the expert who is going to keep providing them with the info they need to know.

Your email subscribers are also more likely to buy from you or hire you for a service you provide if you give them great content up front. Why? Because it’s human nature to want to reciprocate!

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So many people know they need to have emails going out, but they just can’t seem to do it. One of the reasons is they’re confused by the customer relationship management software. It’s often referred to as a CRM and whenever you throw in an acronym, those not in the know are likely to shiver in fear.

In its simplest form, a CRM is a platform where you store your email addresses and send out email to them.

There are so many CRMs that offer a wide variety of options. The more you pay, the more bells and whistles you get.

I personally think Mailchimp is a great platform to start on.

It’s pretty user friendly and it doesn’t cost a lot of money upfront. People who have an email subscriber list that’s on the smaller side definitely appreciate that “free” option!

As you start to grow your list and you want to manage multiple audiences with tags and the like, you will need a paid option.

Other great CRMs include Kajabi, Convertkit, Flodesk and Constant Contact.

Email Marketing Contact List

Worried about not having enough contacts on your list?

You have to start somewhere! Even 10 contacts is a great start.

The more you get in the habit of sending out emails, the more those emails will be shared (and help you continue to grow your list).

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Email marketing is not going anywhere. And the sooner you get onboard the email train, the sooner you’ll start to reap the benefits.

To your success,