Why You Should Blog

Why Blog Anyway?

Blogging is both a means to an end and an ending in itself.

Let me explain what I mean.

When you write a blog, you’re creating original content for your website (and end). But you’re also creating content that helps increase your website traffic and aids in ranking on Google over time.

Recently, a small business owner told me, “My customers don’t read blogs.”

I politely smiled and told her even if they don’t read blogs directly on a website, blogs are necessary for adding new content to your site regularly and consistently.

She didn’t have a response 🤷

Thing is, blog posts have many more important uses too.

Valuable Content

When you create valuable content for your readers, you are providing something meaningful and useful for them and not asking for anything in return.

In an age where everywhere we turn we’re being bombarded with messaging telling us to buy things, it’s refreshing when a company is not telling us what we need to buy RIGHT NOW!

With content, you’re helping your customers stay informed about things that interest them, and that’s it.

Learn how to write a blog here.

Customer Loyalty

By providing amazing and valuable content, you create customer loyalty.

People who’ve never purchased any product or service from you will be much more inclined to do so when they’re in the market for what you offer if they already know your company and the information you disseminate.

Plus, it’s human nature to want to reciprocate after you’ve given them something!

Rank on Google

Everyone wants to rank on Google (obviously!)

But if you don’t have any new content on your site, Google basically thinks your site is dormant. That means you won’t rank.

With regular blogging, you can begin to rank on Google organically with your strategically written blog articles that contain keywords that people are actually searching for.

Pro Tip: you are are solving a problem!


Search engine optimization (SEO) allows search engines (read: Google) to easily find your site when people are searching for something.

Your site is easily found if it contains the right words and phrases that people are searching for.

The most effective way to make that happen? Yep, you guessed it: blogging.

Learn about Keywords here.

Email Marketing

Have you heard of an email marketing funnel? It’s basically the way you position your emails to be sent when someone becomes a subscriber.

Much of that funnel involves providing valuable content without trying to sell them something.

Blog posts are essential for these as you can send along great information that you’ve already created!

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Video Marketing

People are so often afraid of doing video. And going live on video? Forget about it!

Well what if I told you that you could use the blog post as the script for what you’re going to say on your video?

You can also take that content and make it into a weekly podcast. And use it if you’re a guest on someone else’s podcast.

Social Media

Where do you find helpful, informative and valuable things to post on your social media channels?

Your blogs, of course!

Post excerpts and lead your followers to the rest of your blog on your site.

Here are 20 simple ideas for writing blogs.

You’re the Authority

Blogs paint you (and your website) as the authority on the topics you post about.

This should absolutely be your goal: to be the go-to expert on whatever service or product you sell.

To your success,