When Entrepreneurs Get Sick

How to keep your business going when you’re not

This week hit me like a ton of bricks. Everybody in my household came down with the flu.

And since they kept dropping like flies each day, it’s been a week of nursing people back to health while pulling out all the stops – masks, gloves, a million hand washes – to make sure I, too, don’t succumb.

While I will not be speaking about digital marketing this week, I do want to talk about what it means to be an entrepreneur for whom sickness is truly not an option.

(Now let me make this caveat though, that anyone with the entrepreneur mindset who does get sick will still persevere. We’re built like that.)

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Entrepreneurs Often Do It Alone

When you take on the role of being an entrepreneur off and it starts as a solo gig.

If you’re lucky you get to hire an assistant, a tax and financial helper, and maybe even a social media marketer. But in the beginning, it’s likely just you.

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Systems for Your Business

This week, I had the benefit of taking a class from Liz Illg, a successful entrepreneur who, among her many talents, specializes in creating systems for businesses.

I had never really thought about systems at all before hearing her speak, and now I can’t seem to stop thinking about them.

A system really is the list of procedures that a person follows when they are doing any given task for your company.

It’s a really interesting way of thinking about how your business runs. Truly boiling every task down to Step One, Step Two, Step Three and so on.

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For those of us who are more in the creative entrepreneur space, so much of what we do is truly in our heads. Believe it or not, says Liz, even the in your head kind of tasks can be systematized.

Organization is Key

I am not the most organized person in the world. However, I definitely see the extreme benefit of having all your processes written down in a simple easy to follow manner.

Because when everybody in your house is sick, you realize you’re probably next. And if you don’t have any of those systems written down, and you are bedridden, how can you get anybody to help you if how your business runs is all in your mind?

Plan for the Tough Times

Imagine all the money you could lose and the unhappy clients you’d have if you were the only one who could run your business and you’re completely bedridden and unable to think!

So I challenge you just as I challenge myself to come up with a way to get more organized in your business. Because the flu doesn’t care if you’re an entrepreneur.

To your success (and stay healthy!),


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