Pivoting with your Email Marketing

How to Pivot your Email Marketing

What you were doing a month ago isn’t going to work anymore. We are living in a new normal now.

You should be focusing on nurture campaigns right now, not sales-y ones.

It’s All Virtual

We are living in an unprecedented moment. Businesses are being forced to temporarily shutter to protect the health and safety of their employees and their customers.

But – and this is a big one – everything is still happening online. In fact, it’s all we’ve got.

People are hungry for information. So that’s where you need to be standing: as a provider of information.

How do you do that? With email marketing, of course.

Find out why email marketing is more important than ever.

Email Marketing Tips

Start sending weekly emails to your subscribers even if you never have before.

Here are things to NOT do:

  • Don’t tell them how you’re cleaning your environment for coronavirus. They won’t care.

  • Don’t say anything offensive or flippant at a time when people are scared about their health.

  • Don’t act like it’s business as usual. We all know it’s not.

  • Don’t ask anything of your subscribers right now, especially if they haven’t heard from you in a while

Here are things TO DO:

  • Do provide free, valuable content in each email. It can be a tip sheet, a cheat sheet or any kind of printable

  • Do tell your clients or customers how we’re all in this together and what things have been like for you and your brand (keeping it positive!)

  • Do send out an email once a week. It’s not too invasive!

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Come Up with Something New

With the extra time you find yourself having at home, why not create something to help your email subscribers solve a problem that’s arisen from our new social distancing way of life?

If you’re in the health and wellness space, create a tip sheet on how to stay healthy.

If you’re in the real estate space, how about making a list of how to sell your house in our new normal!

If you’re a branding specialist, make a PDF with advice about how to ensure your brand will resonate with people in these uncertain times.

Don’t Stop

Whatever you do, don’t give up.

This is going to eventually end, but the nurturing of your email subscribers will leave you better off than you were before the coronavirus hit!

To your success,