What Marketing To Focus On Now

Focus on content

You’re not having to commute to work or networking events right now, so it’s time to focus on this aspect of marketing: creating content.

Creating Content

What does it mean to “create content”?

Well, content is everything that you put out on your blog, your emails, your social media, your videos, and your podcast.

It means that you should be spending time providing free, valuable information to your clients and customers.

Give them details about how you’re working to protect them from this pandemic.

Tell them that we’re all in this together.

Show them that you care about their health and wellbeing.

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Every Company Should Do This

You might say, well I’m a business coach, not a doctor. And that’s true. But that doesn’t mean your clients don’t need reassurance from you at this time.

Plus, as a coach (or really any other profession), it’s your duty to explain what to expect from this new normal.

For example, for me, I write blogs and emails and love telling anyone who will listen why they’re vital for marketing your business.

But now, I’ve made a pivot to focus on helping businesses stay in touch with their customers during this time of crisis.

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Communication Counts More than Before

I don’t use the term crisis in an attempt to scare you at all. My goal is to do the exact opposite.

I’m here to tell you that if you stay on top of communicating and you say the right things, you’ll come out as a trusted brand when all this is done.

But things do fall under the heading of crisis communication right now.

We are truly in a moment in which communication is more essential than ever before.

Reaching out via email and social media is a great way to let people know you and your company:

  • care about your customers/clients

  • are socially responsible

  • will continue following the guidelines set out by the CDC and the federal/state governments

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How Often To Communicate

You should be emailing your subscribers at least once a week. You can give them other great tips about your specific niche and add a little blurb about how you’re weathering this storm.

Continue posting on Instagram and Facebook daily. The more visible you are, the more memorable you become.

When you’re speaking directly to your clients and customers on a social platform where they’re looking for answers, give them some.

And please, don’t stop blogging. You still need to feed the beast that is Google.

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I believe that we will come out stronger from this chaos. I’m also hopeful that our communication will be strengthened too.

To your success,


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