Why Email Marketing is More Important Than Ever

Email Marketing During Coronavirus

At times of crisis and confusion, clear and concise words mean so much.

Your customers and clients are scared right now. They don’t know what is coming down the pipeline.

They’re worried about their health, their family’s health and where to buy toilet paper.

Reaching out to them with how you can provide them support in these uncertain times should be top of your To-Do list.

Emails are Pouring In

You’ve likely received an email from every single company you’ve ever had a transaction with this week. Some emails make perfect sense like when your gym alerts you that they’re doing everything they can to keep the equipment clean and sanitized.

You’ve also likely gotten emails from companies that stopped you in your tracks and made you question why on earth they sent that. Like some online clothing stores or credit card companies.

Valuable Content

Think about those emails. Do any of them stick out in your mind as providing you a sense of calm or a much-needed explanation?

Then THAT was a good email.

When you provide value to your clients and customers, especially when we’re living in the upside-down, they will remember that. It will create a sense of loyalty and trust. They’ll know that you had their back when the going got tough.

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What To Say

There are some guidelines that your attorney can provide, now that the federal government has declared a state of emergency due to Coronavirus.

But in general, these are some rules to follow:

  • Be honest. Explain that these are confusing times but that you’re on it and working to make everything ok.

  • Be direct. Don’t dance around the issue or gloss over them and act like everything is fine and business as usual. We all know it’s not.

  • Be helpful. Give useful guidance that will assist your clients and customers. We’re all in the same boat and looking for someone to guide us through.

Don’t Stop

Whatever you do, continue to stay in touch with your community.

You may have to shut down production or close up shop temporarily, but keep your tribe aware of everything you’re doing and why.

This clarity and communication will pay off down the road when things return to normal. And yes, I promise, we will find some semblance of normalcy again.

To your success,


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