How to Write an Email that Sells

Crafting Emails The Right Way

Writing an email that entices your potential customer or client to take out their credit card and start punching in the numbers is both a science and an art form.

The science of it is this: you have to craft it so that your words touch on a pain point (or two) that will inspire your email subscriber to take action.

The art of it is how you craft your email using just the perfect words to share your message.

Pain Points

Think about what the pain points are for your potential clients or customers.

Are they losing time? money? both?

Are they stuck in the 9-5 grind and want to get out?

What can you provide them that will make their lives better? easier? free-er?

Now that you’ve decided what those point points are, explain in your emails that you understand how tough it is, but that you, my friend, have the solution to their problem.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Would you buy from you? That’s a tough one right?

We’re all so wrapped up in our own businesses that it’s hard to take an objective look.

But try.

Are you being tone-deaf and asking them to buy something at a time when clearly you shouldn’t be?

Maybe you sell something or provide a service that people really need right now!

Even with the economic hardships many of us are facing, if you have the right message and people want what you’re offering, they’ll take you up on it.

Your Message

What do you want your email subscriber to do when they open your email?

Maybe you want them to purchase something? Then be clear that this email to offer something that just dropped.

If you want to nurture your email list, then your message should be informative, helpful and entertaining.

Even when you send a nurture email your goal is to help your email subscribers get to know, like and trust you so when you’re ready to ask for that sale, they comply.

What To Include In Your Email

Start with a punchy headline. It should make people want to open it.

Which email would you open:

Get a new dog today


This will become your best friend.

I know which one I would open. It’s the one that piques my curiosity. What about you?

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The Tone of Your Email Counts

This might be a little strange to think of it this way, but the tone of your email should be one that exudes emotion.

Tell a story in your email that draws them in and makes them interested to learn more about you and what you provide.

Don’t forget to be personal and friendly. Actual people are reading these emails. They have feelings and many of them are desperate for social interaction right now.

Leave formality to the Gap. (They send an email almost daily but for some reason, I just won’t unsubscribe!)

Call To Action

Always include a call to action. That’s my call to action for this blog post. (Whoa, Meta!)

People need to be told what to do, nicely of course.

But if you are wishy-washy and make a mere suggestion for people to read more or to window shop on their screen, they aren’t going to buy.

Be clear and concise. But nice about it, not forceful.

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I rest my case.

To your success,