How Blogging Can Help Promote A Business

Make Your Business Known With Blog Posts

When your business has a blog that is updated regularly, that can be a real boon to your business.

Let’s look at businesses without blogs first.

When you click on the website of a business and you’re considering using their services or purchasing their products, where do you go?

You probably start on the About page, right? You want to learn about the people or mission behind the business. If you’re satisfied with what you see on the About page, you may start diving in further to learn more about the company.

But a website without a blog basically provides you no other information.  

Maybe there’s a page for press coverage, but if not, you’re really stuck looking at services, testimonials, and a contact page. None of those areas will truly show you what kind of expertise this business brings (sadly, you don’t know the true validity of a testimonial).

I believe the word blog does blog posts a disservice altogether. It sounds juvenile and nonsensical.

Yet blogs have the most incredible power to supercharge your business.

Every blog article you publish on your site, creates opportunity.

·      Opportunity for your ideal client or customer to find you

·      Opportunity for you to be noticed as an expert in your field

·      Opportunity for Google bots to find your site and rank it higher

·      Opportunity for you to repurpose your content across all your platforms

Now let’s break down how each of those works.

Attracting your ideal client/customer

Your ideal client (or customer) is searching for a solution to a problem. That’s why it’s your job to show them how you can help solve that problem in your blog posts.

When they find your blog article, and it provides them with the answers they need, they’re going to want to learn more about your business.

Get noticed as an expert in your field

The more you write informative, valuable content, the more you’ll become recognized as the authority on the topic. People will start to refer to you as Jane, the expert on social media, when you consistently churn out helpful blogs that show you know what you’re talking about.

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Keywords help Google find your site and rank it

When you sit down to write a blog post, make sure that the subject you cover is directly tied to what you do or sell. Every post should include search terms (aka keywords) that people looking for your kind of business would be typing into Google.

If someone is looking for a motivational speaker in Boise, and you have those words repeated throughout your blog post, they’ll be a lot more likely to find you. That’s the beauty of search engine optimization.

Repurposing your content

Blog articles posted to your website are just the beginning. Once you’ve written that content, you can take it and use it ALL over the place. Here are some examples:

·      The content for your email newsletter

·      The basis of your weekly podcast

·      The script for a YouTube video

·      Break up the copy and use it for 5 days’ worth of social media captions

·      Pin it as original content on Pinterest

·      Add it as an original blog post on Linkedin

·      Take your collection of blogs and write a book

Every time you create a blog post, you’re putting your valuable spin on an idea and sending it out into the world. Over time, those blogs will come to serve you as so much more than “just a blog post.”

To your success,