The Most Effective Ways To Promote Blogs

You’ve written your blog post, now what?

 That whole, “if you build it, they will come” phenomenon from the 80’s movie Field of Dreams isn’t true in this case.

 Unless you already have loyal blog readers, no one is going to know when you’ve published a new post.

That’s why you have to promote it all over the place.

Use Email Marketing

Start with sending out an email to your subscribers. Give them just enough information that they’re interested to learn more about the topic and then send them with a call to action to read the rest of your blog post.

 You can also send the blog post link to your friends and family. If they love you, they’ll read what you wrote and maybe even share it out!

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Post On Instagram

You can do a post about your blog topic. Then add some accompanying Instastories to go a bit deeper into the blog post. Post about 3 points that you mention in your blog article and send your followers to read more with the link in your bio. The link should be changed to go directly to your blog post.

Or if you use a service like linktree, you can have multiple links on a landing page and make sure the top link is your newest blog post.

Pin To Pinterest

Every time you write a new blog, create a Pinterest-approved graphic in Canva. Then create a pin that links directly to that blog post. Be sure to include hashtags and keywords that are relevant to that post, so people searching that topic will be able to find it.

Tweet It Out

Twitter is a great platform for providing interesting, digestible content to your followers. Tweet the link with a photo and some trending, but relevant hashtags to get new eyes on your blog post.

Use Facebook Strategically

Get a few graphics from your blog post and add them all to a Facebook post. Then write an attention-grabbing lead-in to your article and post a link for your followers to read the rest!

You can also make it more enticing for them to comment on your Facebook post by asking a question that sparks an answer!

Go live on Facebook on your business page and in your Facebook group. Go ahead, give a teaser, and then mention your latest post for people to click on and read.

Do you belong to Facebook groups in which members would benefit from reading your blog? Post a link to it there, in a non-salesy way so that group admins won’t block it.

 Don’t forget to post it in your own Facebook group too. Every time an admin posts something, all your members will be alerted!

Linkedin Posting

Do the same thing you did for Facebook on Linkedin but add hashtags too. But then take it a step further.

You can actually publish your blog post to Linkedin on its very own format. You can copy and paste everything you put on your own site, including photos, and plunk it right into the Linkedin platform.

Bottom line: there are numerous places you can post about your new blog article. This way, you’re attracting your ideal clients directly to your website.

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