How to Create an Opt-in That Converts

Make your opt-in work for you

Everyone loves a good opt-in. Who doesn’t want something valuable completely free, right?!

That’s why freebies are a fantastic marketing tool – when done correctly.

Don’t just throw some ideas down in a word doc, save it as a PDF and then call it an opt-in though. That’s not going to generate any leads or inspire people to hire you.

The Goal of The Opt-In

When crafting your lead magnet, your goal should be to get the person who downloads it a quick win.

Teach them something that will produce a result in the next 24 hours or 3 days. For example, 5 steps you can implement in your marketing today to sign 5 new clients by next week!

Well, that’s a tall order, but you get what I mean!

When it’s a short time frame, it seems doable and people are more likely to do it. Then when they get that quick win, they’ll want to come back for more.

Pain Points

Within the body of your freebie, present the pain points of your ideal client in detail. Explain that you understand what they’re facing and guess what? here is a fast and easy solution to get you on the right path to success!

Imagine you’re a business coach whose clients are looking to start a successful online business.

Explain that you too were once trying to start an online venture and you know how it feels to feel lost and directionless.

But good news, here are five easy steps they can take today to get on the path to earning a 6-figure income.

What It Should Cover

When you sit down to come up with the topic, think about the topic for your opt-in, consider these:

  • What is the low-hanging fruit I can talk about

  • What do people always ask me about

  • What is a simple strategy that can be implemented by someone who isn’t an expert

  • What can I teach that will want them to learn more from me right away or down the line

The information you include should be super easy to digest. You don’t need to overload your opt-in with tons of details. You’ll end up overwhelming the reader and overwhelm leads to inaction.

No long, drawn-out essays either. Short, punchy sentences. Remember, the mission is to provide an easy win, not send them a book that they have to read six times to get the gist of what you’re saying.

Including steps to follow is a great way to make it easy to follow.

Step 1. Do this.

Step 2. Do this next.

That way, they can check it off the list and feel a sense of accomplishment….especially for list people…you know who you are!

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Call To Action

Always include a call to action at the end. It could be as simple as, email me and let me know how you liked this opt-in. You could get people to join your Facebook group or to follow you on Instagram.

Whatever you decide, make sure you’re sending them somewhere that they’ll continue to get exposed to the great content you’re providing.

The Look

If you’ve worked with a brand strategist, then you already know the colors and the color palette you’ll be using for this beautiful little freebie.

If not, don’t worry! If you want some suggestions, I know a bunch of them and I’d love to send you some recs, so email me!

But you want to keep things clean and simple. Remember, your content will speak for itself.

Pretty Pictures

When creating an opt-in, you NEED to include photos. Words in a PDF might have worked 5 years ago, but no one is going to find that appealing now.

Recently I opted in for a freebie that I thought was going to show much how to prepare to launch a product. It ended up being a one-page calendar with 6 days filled in with a sentence each. It was entirely unhelpful.

Not only did it turn me off of the company, it felt like a waste of my time. Email addresses are valuable!

The pictures should depict a happy person who could potentially be your ideal client. She is so happy because she followed your suggestions in your opt-in….

Be sure to sprinkle other photos throughout.

Sending it out

When you’ve created your fabulous freebie, you should also create a landing page. When someone signs up, then it triggers your email marketing platform to send out an email with the freebie.

If you don’t have that set up, then post about the offer on social media, and when someone says they’d like it, ask them to DM you with their email address and you can send it to them!

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