How to Repurpose Content the Right Way

Repurpose your original content

Everything old is new again!

Bellbottoms came back into style and your already written content can too…

The goal as a content creator is not to have to reinvent the wheel across every social media platform and everywhere else you may place your content.

Strategically Repurpose

Here are some strategic ways to repurpose your content to save you lots of time and provide value to your potential clients and customers.

Do you blog? I hope so! No judgment though if you don’t (of course). But if you do, you can think of that blog as though it’s the perfect base for all your content needs.

When you’ve written a blog post, you can use that blog post in so many ways.

  • When you write an email newsletter, you can use the blog post as the text of your email.

  • Take your blog article and break up into chunks that you can use as captions over the course of several days on your Instagram and Facebook.

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  • If you have a podcast, you can take your blog article and use that as the script for your weekly show.

  • Do you post videos on Youtube? Never wonder what to say because it can be exactly what you’ve written in your blog post.

  • Create a Pinterest pin in Canva and use it to pin a link to your blog.

  • Not only can you use parts of your blog article as posts on Linkedin, but you can also even post your entire blog as an article on linked in, with pictures and links too!

These are all incredible ways to get your message out into the world based on ONE blog post. That’s the power of repurposing.

Update and Revamp

Let’s keep going! Another way to repurpose content is by updating an old blog post and making it new again. You can add in different, up-to-date information, maybe even change the title slightly. And there you have a brand-new post to do all of the above with.

If you like to start with video, then you can totally reverse the process. There’s a great company called Rev that will transcribe your videos for a fee. Within hours, you’ll have all your video in word format. Quick caution though, when you first read that video, it likely won’t sound as good as you thought. In order to make your blog post more coherent, you’ll need to do some copy editing!

Once you’ve cleaned it up, you can take that copy and make blog posts, social media posts, Pinterest pins, and more!

Use That Social Media

One more thing, don’t sell your social media posts short. If you’re like me, you put a great deal of thought into what you’re writing. I bet that if you scrolled through your Instagram feed, you could find a bunch of fabulous posts that would go together to make a pretty great newsletter. Plus, you’ll already have great pictures to go with it!

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