How to Rock Instagram

Instagram should be part of your marketing efforts if you’re looking to reach people 50 and under! It’s an amazing social media platform because it allows you to tell your brand’s story both visually and with words.

IG puts a lot of emphasis on the visual and that’s why you want to have gorgeous photos that are professional looking and, if possible, edited to the max. Anytime you post a picture, you want to make sure that it is the best picture that you possibly can put forth.

That’s not to say that you need to use only professional photos. You can do some amazing photography with sunlight, a tripod, and your iPhone.

Editing is also something that you can do for yourself. There are plenty of apps that you can get on your phone like Lightroom, VSCO, and Snapseed that will allow you to boost the clarity and color of your photos to really make them pop.

Writing a Caption

When you’re creating your caption, you want to think of it as an important marketing tool for your business. But you don’t want to be selling in your Instagram captions all the time. Most of your posts should be showing a lifestyle, using your product or service.

Captions should draw someone in. They should be interesting and they should provide value.

Think of them as a mini blog post. You should be planning out what you’re going to write in your captions in advance. It should not be a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants situation.

What you want to talk about can be anything from behind the scenes to what you are about to launch to something personal that ties into your business.

In every caption, you’ll want to include a call to action. Even if it’s as simple as asking, ‘what did you eat for breakfast?’ If it elicits a response, then that is engagement!

Getting Engagement

When people comment on your posts, do your best to reply to them. And I don’t mean with just a cute emoji. Use actual words. This is a great engagement tool because you can get into conversations with people who are potentially your ideal clients and customers. So use their comments as an opportunity!

Another engagement tool is the follow campaign. You follow people who are your ideal client or customer and you like and comment on their photos. If you do this for about 10-15 accounts each day, you will see that in turn, people start to follow you. And this incredible snowball happens.

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The Power of Instastories

Another aspect of Instagram that is highly important is Instastories. Because of Instagram’s algorithm, more people will see your Instastories than will ever see your posts. Plus there’s a better chance they’ll catch them in real-time.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post. You must continue posting on your feed because that shows Instagram you’re serious about being on the platform.

Instastories can be a little less formal than your posts. But you still don’t want to have blurry photos or things that are completely irrelevant to your marketing messages! You do want to have behind-the-scenes videos and pictures. You also want to include videos of yourself. Make your Instastories lively and fun so that people feel like they’re really seeing a day in the life of you in your business.

Whenever you post an Instastory, make sure that you have certain tags in there. You’ll want to include hashtags so that people can search for your Instastories. You can include a location tag so people who are in the same area as you and are searching for that area will find you. GIFs are always really fun to have as part of our Instastories as well.

I recommend posting your Instastories as a set of 2 or 3, so you’re telling a story in them. Let’s say for example you are a business coach, and you are going to be doing a speaking event. You could take a picture of yourself getting ready for the speaking event, a picture of yourself at the speaking event, or during the zoom call, and then you can take another picture of a testimonial or somebody saying you did a really great job. That’s a beginning, middle, and end. And it’s also a day in the life and behind the scenes.


Hashtags help people find what it is that you’ve posted about. Because remember, when you write your Instagram captions, you are solving a problem, providing information, or entertaining.

The goal is to get people who are searching for what you’re talking about to be able to find your posts. Hashtags will help that happen because they’re a search function. When you’re deciding which hashtags to use, you may want to avoid the ones that have been posted million other times because showing up in top posts is going to be difficult. So the sweet spot is usually between 200,000 and 500,000 other posts.

And Instagram allows you to post up to 30. So go ahead and post up to 30.

Overall, try to have fun with Instagram. It’s aesthetically pleasing. And it’s a fantastic way to connect with other people in a way that you never would have been able to before.

To your success,