Market Your Business on Facebook

Navigating Facebook Marketing

To get the most out of your Facebook marketing, you need a multi-pronged approach. What I mean by that is, you can’t just rely on your business page OR your Facebook group OR your personal page.

You need ALL THREE.

It’s a beautiful dance that you must do with all three to ensure you’re getting the most visibility online. There’s definitely a strategy but once you get the details, you’ll be able to implement it too!

Your Personal Facebook Page

Your personal page may be where you post photos of great dinners and beach trips with friends, but it’s also what the outside world sees first when they look you up as a potential business associate.

That means that those bikini pics are viewable…and it also means if you’re posting political opinions, be aware that this may turn some people off from doing business with you. But if your political opinion is important to your work, then keep posting!

So keep this in mind whenever you go to post a new pic.

You can use your personal Facebook page to befriend people you’d like to do work with. Once you’re “friends,” you’ll be able to send direct messages (kind of like you would on Linkedin).

But people are generally not hanging out on their personal pages to do business. They’re there for fun. So if you’re reaching out for business purposes, it shouldn’t be a formal DM conversation.

Your profile photo should be a work-appropriate picture. If it’s taken by a professional photographer, that’s even better. Meanwhile, think of your cover photo as very important real estate. You’ll want to include information about what you do and a call to action if possible.

Creating a cover photo is pretty simple in Canva. There are even templates for it. If you’re more graphic design-inclined, photoshop is even better for photo clarity.

Your Business Page

If you have a business, I highly recommend that you create a business page. Think of it as the home for your business.

But don’t expect many people to visit this home. Due to Facebook’s algorithm and pay-to-play setup, even if people “like” your business page, they won’t get alerts when you post unless they specifically request to, and they certainly won’t see your business page posts unless you pay for them to…with ads.

Yes, this is where the infamous Facebook ads are needed to grow your following. If page likes are what you’re going for, then you’ll want to set up ads to make that happen.

As for the look of your business page, it should be on brand! Have a cover photo that showcases your business and it can definitely include a call to action on it.

Mine is a video with a call to action. I used an incredible and free video service called Lumen5 to do it.

You’ll want to focus on filling out your information in certain areas:

  • Click those three dots and edit your page info
  • Along the left-hand side, click About and you’ll edit your page info, decide what you want your “button” to say and more

Next go ahead and click “Group” on the left-hand side and create that Facebook group that’s associated with your business page. This will allow you to create ads for your Facebook group.

Your Facebook Group

For me, the group is truly where the magic happens. This is where you get to know people, not under the pretense of ‘hey, want to be friends?’ but I really just want to sell you something.

Facebook groups are places of support, of serving and of providing value.

That’s what my group VIP Digital Marketing Tips is all about.

Get even more amazing content and Live trainings when you join our free Facebook group

When you create your group, make sure to have a photo and cover that are on-brand. Also, click “More” to edit all your group settings to your specifications. This will ensure people coming to your group know exactly what you’re about, what you’re offering, and what the rules are!

Quick tip: you can use the space for entry questions to learn more about people as they join your group!

Here are the benefits to you as a Facebook group owner.

  1. Theoretically, the members of your group will get an alert when you post or go live. I say theoretically because they could turn it off or it might just not alert them for some reason!

  2. You get to steer the conversation. If you have a lot of content to provide, you get to decide on the topics to be discussed. If you want to sell something, you can do it there.

  3. You help people! One of the greatest feelings in the world for me is knowing that I’ve helped someone get their brand’s story out into the world through some of the digital marketing techniques they’ve learned in my Facebook group.

BUT – I must always caution you that no matter how many people are in your Facebook group, Facebook could turn around tomorrow and decide to shut you down, for no apparent reason. And then you would have no way of reaching out to your group members again.

That’s why I always say that whatever social media marketing you do, it should always be in conjunction with email marketing.

To your success,