Why Blogging is the Basis of your Digital Marketing

Your blog post is the foundation of all the digital marketing you do each week.

When your ideal customer or client has a problem, they go to Google and perform a search to find the solution to their problem.  Your blog, in turn, answers those questions.

Order is Key

Writing a blog article doesn’t negate having to post in all the places each and every week. But it makes it easier when the first content you create is your blog post. And here’s why.

  • It’s the most in-depth piece of content that you will write.
  • It contains the search terms that you’ve researched
  • It’s been designed to attract your ideal customer and client because it’s answering a question they have.
  • It is also the longest piece of content

Once you write your blog post, you can then take that blog and use it across all your other marketing. For example, you can pin the blog post to Pinterest. You can use it in your email newsletter for the week. You can break it up into different captions and post it on your Instagram and your Facebook over the course of 5 days. You can take snippets of it and post it to Twitter. You can use it as the script for your podcast or your video for YouTube.

But it gives you the launching-off point that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t start with the blog.

Ranking on Google

When posted on your website, your blog provides you with the opportunity to be ranked organically on Google. I am not talking about paid ads either, this is completely free.

Organic ranking can only occur when the Google bots see that you are constantly adding new words to your website. Since you are not going to rewrite your about page or your product pages over and over, this is what makes the blog so important on your site.

It also shows people who come to your site that you’re an expert in your industry and in your online space.

Grab your Free Content Calendar to start organizing and implementing your digital content

Plan to Write

I know that writing 500 words can sound scary, but as long as you have a plan, dashing off that many words should not actually take you a ton of time.

Ideally, you want to know what you’re writing about before you even sit down. And the way to do that is twofold. It’s best to plan out your content ahead of time – 90 days out is ideal – in a content calendar. Then you can determine which search terms you plan to use for the topic you’ve already chosen.

This ensures that whatever platform you are posting part of your blog on, whether it’s Pinterest or Instagram, the content you’re posting gives the answers that people really want to get!

Sometimes blogging can get a bad rap because you might think: blogging is for bloggers, the people who review products and get money for that and I’m not a blogger.

But blogging is truly so much more than that.

If I could give it a different name, I would call it a business article. Because that’s truly what it is. You’re presenting valuable information to your potential client or customer that will help entice them to purchase what it is that you offer.

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