Podcasting for Marketing

Podcasting for Marketing

There’s no more intimate a medium than a podcast. You’re one person listening to one or two people talking. They come into your phone or your computer or your car speaker and it’s like you’re the only one they’re speaking to.

I was a reluctant podcaster. Having worked in radio for years, I remembered the agony of editing out every snapping sound my mouth made when I had drunk too much coffee that day, and I wasn’t ready to do that.

Plus, booking guests seemed totally scary. Who’s going to want to be on MY podcast?

After hearing from other podcasters about how great it can be for marketing your business, I decided to push through the negative thoughts and do it.

And wow! I have zero regrets.

Podcasting is an ingenious form of marketing for your brand. And, it’s SO MUCH FUN!

Here are three ways you can utilize having your own podcast to up-level your business right away.

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Podcasting to get clients

When you start your own podcast or join someone else’s as a guest, inevitably, you will be imparting advice, knowledge and know-how about your area of expertise. As you position yourself as an expert in your field, the people listening will take notice.

If you’re a graphic designer for instance, and you talk about the latest color trends for branding, when a business owner hears the episode and happens to need these services, they will very likely consider reaching out to you.

Podcasting for Marketing

Podcasting as networking

Podcasting is an excellent way to network. Very often a podcast host finds that they need the services of a guest on their show or vice versa!

A great way to ensure that a host of a show you’re appearing on is aware of your work ahead of time is to send them any info or product freebies before your interview. Not only will they be so excited to get SWAG, but they’ll also likely give you a glowing endorsement on the podcast episode.

Podcasting as leverage

Once you’ve been a podcast guest, it’s a whole lot easier to be invited onto another podcast. Why? Because you can add into your pitch what podcasts you’ve already appeared on.

Podcast bookers and hosts don’t want to book guests who won’t sounds polished. So when you can provide proof that you’ve been there, done that, you’ll be a much more desirable guest.

podcasting for marketing

Finding guests as a podcast host

If you don’t have help, getting your own guests booked does not have to be a scary endeavor. As long as you’re actively networking with people, you’ll have no shortage of guests to invite. A typical zoom meeting for me with someone I don’t know usually ends with me inviting that to be a guest on the VIP Access podcast because I find them so inspirational and want to share their message and expertise with my listeners. At this point, I have so many guests scheduled that I have to temporarily suspend new bookings!

If you haven’t started doing guest appearances yet, there’s no time like the present. Check out the VIP Access Podcast here!

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