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What Makes a Good Instagram Post

All Instagram posts are not the same

A ‘meh’ photo, a throwaway caption, a lack of appropriate hashtags will all make your posts less-than-interesting to your Instagram audience.

Instagram is a visual platform. It’s for voyeurs and lurkers. It’s to show beauty, bring on FOMO, and arouse desires.

What kinds of photos to post

Pictures of people are always going to get you higher engagement because as humans, we’re attracted to looking at other humans! 

Flat lays – when done well – will get lots of likes. But when they’re done poorly, they’ll have the opposite effect.

Inspirational messages will usually get people to like and comment but they have to appeal to your audience’s mindset.

Carousels usually contain educational information broken down into steps. Not only do they provide valuable content, they also entice people to swipe.

Instagram-Content Creation-Content Marketing

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What kinds of captions to write

Writing a caption requires careful consideration. Don’t just write for the sake of writing. What response are you trying to get?

Do you want your followers to buy something or attend an event?

Do you want to share something personal about yourself?

Sales Captions

Selling your products and services has to be done in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re selling, otherwise your audience will see right through it.

Instead, begin by pointing out that you know what struggles they’re facing and how to alleviate them. Show you have the solution and how they can get it. This is a nuanced way of showing you’re the expert with all the answers without blatantly shouting: BUY THIS NOW!!!!

Instagram-Content Creation-Content Marketing

Informative Captions

The beauty of Instagram, and truthfully all social media platforms, is that you can showcase your expertise to the world every day.

You certainly don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you’re doing this. you can repurpose blog articles, email campaigns and podcasts in your captions.

The goal of the words below the photo is twofold: to inform and to inspire to take action. Whether these are new thoughts or taken from somewhere else you’ve already written them, make sure the caption gives your audience something valuable. 

When you share your knowledge, you’re positioning yourself as the go-to authority in your field. You’re also developing the know, like, and trust factor which is vital to establish before someone will buy from you.

Instagram-Content Creation-Content Marketing

Call to Action

Every caption on Instagram needs to have a call to action, however small. While not every post will be asking for a purchase, it’s important to lead people to engage with you, whether you’re asking them to comment below, click the link in your bio, or to buy something. 

And you want to be as clear as possible, since confusion is our enemy! When you tell people what to do next, you stop them from scrolling to the next pic on their feed.


Love em or hate em, hashtags are a great way to gain a greater following. So in each caption, include hashtags that are relevant to the topic you’re writing about, your niche, and anything else you think might help people find your post.

Instagram can be lots of fun and a great way to meet potential clients if you’re following the guidelines of how to post.

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