Engaging Digital Marketing

Engaging Marketing Secrets

Engaging Digital Marketing

The Big Secret

What’s the secret to landing more clients?

It’s not really a secret at all. It’s having engaging marketing.

The first step to having marketing that engages your ideal client is to know who your ideal client is. You have to know everything about them. 

How old are they? Where do they live? What’s their job? Are they married? Do they have a family? Where do they like to shop? What movies and TV shows do they watch? What are their favorite podcasts?

Engaging Digital Marketing

Once you know this important info, then you can easily determine where they’re hanging out online. And then you can start tailoring your message to the appropriate social media platform. 

Get Consistent

The second step is consistency. You have to show up every single week. And yes, marketing is absolutely the long game. You rarely hear of an overnight success that wasn’t actually 10 years in the making. 

The best way to be consistent is to have a plan. Putting that plan into your content calendar is going to make it so that you always know what you’re going to be posting about. 


Here’s a sample posting schedule:

  • Monday you post on LinkedIn 
  • Tuesday you post your blog 
  • Wednesday you have a podcast
  • Thursday you send an email and then 
  • Friday you post on Pinterest.

Whatever works for you and your schedule is great, as long as you are consistent. There is so much noise that comes at us every single day. When I open my email each morning, I have at least 200 unread waiting for me. It’s daunting. 

Remember that consistency will help you stand out in the crowd because the members of your community will come to expect to hear from you. 

Engaging Digital Marketing

There are certain elements of your marketing that you should be doing every week. Whatever social media platform you choose, you need to be posting there. It’s also a great idea to do live video or recorded video (at the very least) every single week. 

In order to get new eyes on your website, you should be blogging, every week. And finally, your email subscribers need to hear from you, and you should be reaching out to them every week. Third step to having engaging marketing that lands those clients is having accountability. So often, we have a great plan. We know how we’re going to execute it. And then something comes up and we forget or we get sidetracked. 

And then two weeks have gone by and we haven’t posted on Instagram or sent an email. 

This is where a lot of people get stuck. They ask themselves, if I didn’t do anything in the past two weeks, can I do it now or should I just throw up my hands and say forget it? The answer, is always DO IT NOW!

Find and Keep Your Village

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and to grow a business it truly takes a village. And in order to keep that consistency, you need support. That’s why the VIP Digital Marketing Masters program provides not only the how and the what, but also we hold your hand the whole way. 

You deserve to have support and the accountability on a weekly basis to keep pushing through. So when your competitors are forgetting to post and they’re forgetting to send their emails, you’re still going. And you’re creating that customer loyalty, that know, like, and trust factor, and above all, you’re being consistent.  

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