copy coaching, ideal client, coaching

Why you need copy coaching

copy coaching, ideal client, coaching

When you’re writing your own copy and crafting your own message have you ever had a moment of indecision?

How did you get past it…

Did you ask a friend or your spouse?

The problem with asking any old friend when you’re an entrepreneur is that, unless they are a marketing expert, they’re going to simply give you their opinion. But that isn’t necessarily going to serve you very well.

When I started out in marketing, I was creating websites for people using Squarespace as a platform.

And it was a very long, laborious process. 

After working on all their copy and then putting together all the technical pieces of the website, I would present them with a nearly finished product. In the email, I would say, “Please give me your feedback and let me know when I can change.” 

Inevitably, I would get a frantic email or a frantic text saying, I talked to my friend and they said I should change the color of this word, and that the font isn’t right. And I think I want to change this picture….etc.”

Well, after doing these websites for a handful of clients, I decided that this was not my zone of genius because I didn’t have the patience for these constant changes. 

But what I also noticed is that when they feel indecisive, they’ll take anyone’s opinion as gospel. 

Just because your sister says this font isn’t right doesn’t mean she’s correct. 

And the same goes with your copy. If you have somebody read your copy and they aren’t actually your ideal client or an expert in content marketing, that’s not going to help you. 

Your copy needs to be written from the perspective of the person that you are selling to. You have to write using words that will appeal to them. 


Asking your uncle to critique your copy for your dancewear site for little girls, I’m sorry (not sorry) to say is not going to give you what you need.

If you don’t have a clear message, you’re going to be confusing people, and a confused mind says no. How do you ensure that you have a clear, concise marketing message, every single time you write anything or post anything anywhere?

You get copy coaching. Copy coaching is a very simple strategy that not a lot of business owners know about or utilize.

In our copy coaching program, we look at whatever you’ve written and give you feedback that will help you move the needle on your marketing. Then you can go back, make changes that will be effective, and be sure that your copy will resonate with your ideal client. 

You don’t even have to be there if you don’t have the time. You’re invited to submit your copy ahead of time. Then we can critique it and provide suggestions, and you can watch the replay. Of course, joining live is always better in case there are questions, but since we’re all busy entrepreneurs, we get it.

Our VIP Copy Coaching group meets twice a month on Mondays. We make sure that typos and grammar and unclear messaging are a thing of the past.

We’d love for you to join us. Click here.