The Right Marketing Mindset

I’d been an entrepreneur a long time before discovering the importance of mindset. I used to laugh when someone said they help the “spiritual side” of the business owner.

How does that come into play? I’d wonder. It’s all about knowing what to do and doing it.

But holy crap was I wrong.

Of course, I was a reluctant convert. Growing up around science-minded type A’s, I had grown accustomed to only believing what I could see on paper.

While writing for a client who teaches about vision and purpose, I started getting interested in the topic. When someone recommended I read a book called The Audacity to be Queen by Gina Devee, I was intrigued and added it to my Kindle.

That was the book that changed everything.

And now I can’t stop reading books about mindset and leveling up on the inside. Here’s why:

You can have all the strategies in the world but without the right mindset, you’re not going to progress to where you want to go?

For example, this is how mindset can impact your content marketing:

Let’s say I show you exactly how to create an email that’s going to appeal to your ideal client. 


We discuss your content plan and this is what we come up with:

  • What the subject line should be 
  • The pain points you’re going to hit
  • How you show you’re an expert in your industry
  • The solution you provide that will change everything
  • The call to action to get them to work with you

That, my friend, is going to be a fantastic email. It checks all the email marketing boxes. But, if you don’t have the right mindset, no one will ever see that email. You’re never going to write it or send it. 

You’re going to worry that it isn’t right, that it’ll turn people off, that it’s boring/annoying/not good enough. You’ll find a reason, I promise.

Maybe you send one, then you don’t get the reception you hoped for so you stop again. Whatever is stopping you, it’s time to quash it.

When you have a positive marketing mindset, you won’t get stuck in inaction. You’ll take action, however imperfect, knowing that you’re getting where you want to go.

It’s key to remember the following: your subscribers signed up for your email list for a reason. They want to hear from you consistently. They want the value that you provide. And the more regularly you send emails, the easier it will get for you to send the next email and the next and the one after that.

Need a mantra to remember this? 

When I provide value to my subscribers, I’m serving them in the highest way possible.

You’ve got this!