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Why you should use hand-raisers in your marketing

This content is a game-changer.

Hand-raiser posts and hand-raiser emails are used to both directly and indirectly get prospective clients and customers to step up and raise their hands to work with you.

These kind of emails and posts require you to build in scarcity and urgency. That’s what makes them effective at getting people to take action immediately.

When you use hand-raisers on social media, there are two types of posts – the direct and the indirect. 

Here’s an example of a direct post:

I help (insert a version of your I help statement). If you are ready to make Q2 really count, comment YES below and I’ll invite you to a free strategy session.

Here are examples of indirect posts:

I am teaching (explain what you do/teach). If you’re interested in getting a private invite, drop the word INVITE below.

This thing (I teach/do for) my clients/customers has helped them to (success). If you’re interested in learning more, comment YES below.

Sample social posts:

I help my clients (desired result). I have only 3 spots available for free consults. If you’d like to (desired result), drop the word X below.

Attention (ideal client): I’ve opened up (number) slots on my calendar this week for FREE consultations to help you with your (desired result) — they’ll go fast, so if you’d like one of the spots, send me a DM or email right away!

The indirect posts may include testimonials and case studies, but no matter what content you provide, the call to action needs to inspire quick action.

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A hand raiser email will feel more personal than a typical email you send from your email marketing platform. You skip bold fonts and italics, gifs, photos, and buttons and keep it clean and simple text.

You are speaking directly to your ideal client in these emails. Telling them that you understand their struggle and you’d like to help. Sometimes, they’re so good, people don’t even realize it’s a mass email!

Hey Superstar!

I’m starting a new case study group looking to take 3 more business owners to $50k – $100k in new revenue in 100 days.

I’m looking for a few specific people, so if you…

1. Run a service-based business & are really good at what you do

2. Make at least $10K/month

3. Have 3-4 hours a week to implement the strategies I’ll teach you.

4. Are friendly, fun and coachable, and

5. Can keep a secret 😉

Just reply with the word Coach to this email and I’ll get you all the details.

Let’s look more closely at each point. 

  1. There’s a clear and direct description of the business owner
  2. You’ve weeded out people not making enough money to cover the cost of this program
  3. Answers the question of how much time do I need to devote to this program
  4. The person needs to be coachable – not everyone is, and if they’re not in the right mindset to be coached, it will be a difficult road
  5. This part is fun because it plays on our curiosity and will entice us to reply fast!

Here are some other hand-raiser email examples.

Let’s put that Freebie into action. I’d like to invite you to a 30-minute free consultation with me.

Grab your spot here:


Hit reply to apply for a slot.

_ _ _ _

This month (tell a story explaining your motivation) so I’m doing something crazy. I’m going to give a free private session to the first 10 people who sign up.

_ _ _ _ 

What if these next few months were the most pivotal months of your life?

What if 10 years from now, you look back on this season as the moment you decided to {finally take control of your health/finally go all-in on your business/finally find the right person}.

I am here to help you do that. 

I have a few spots open on my calendar for consults this week, and I would love for one of them to be yours. I would love for this be the moment where everything changes. 

Are you down for that?

If so, click here to book a spot {link to calendar}

_ _ _ _

Wanted to give you first dibs…

I’m opening up (number) slots on my calendar this week for free consultations to help people with (desired result). Would you like one of the spots?

So, now that you know all about hand-raisers, which one will you try first?