How to pitch yourself for podcasts

If you’re not pitching your yourself (or having someone else pitch you) for podcasts, the time to start is now.

Podcast guesting should become part of your overall marketing strategy so that you can get visibility on other people’s platforms where your ideal clients hang out.


You can do searches on Apple podcasts. Start with a search within your category and find the email address or website associated with the show.

Sign up for,, or Whichever site you choose, you’ll want to create a profile to allow people to find you and also be active so you see who is looking for guests.

Join Facebook groups dedicated to connecting podcast hosts with guests. 


Listen to the show before you pitch to it. If you’re not right for the show or if they don’t have guests on, you won’t be wasting the host’s or your time. 

Check how many reviews they have. If there aren’t any, it’s unlikely people are listening to this show.

Make sure they’re still putting out new episodes. The sad statistic is that most podcasts fail after 7 episodes. So even if the show is still up online, it doesn’t mean it’s still being recorded.

See how many episodes they’ve done already. If it’s a newer show, the host probably doesn’t have as great a subscriber base as some of the more established shows. But this could be a good place to cut your teeth on being a guest.

When you send a pitch via email there’s a standard practice for introducing yourself.


Hi __________,

My name is _______________and I am a _______________ for ______________ (your “I help” statement or title.)

I am a huge fan of the show and I think the information you bring to the table is amazing! You really share some amazing insights for ________________________, which why I would love to come on as a guest. (This should be customized for each show you go on!)

A bit about you:

Include your biographical info here and what would make you a great guest.

Here are some topics I can come on the show and speak as an expert on:

● __________________________

● __________________________

● __________________________

● __________________________

Let me know if you have any other questions or need some more information. You can learn more about me and mission in my Facebook Group/ on my Instagram/ on my linked in. I’ll also be happy to the episode out with my email and social media communities.

Speaker Sheet

At the bottom of the email, you’ll also want to include a speaker sheet that introduces you a little more to the prospective host. A one sheet is literally a one-page document that has all the important info about you that a podcast booker would need.

• Your bio

• Interview topics

• Sample Questions

• Past shows you’ve been on

• A clear photo of you

• Links to your website, your email, your socials

Make it pretty and easy to read in Canva, and start pitching yourself!