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What Makes a Good Instagram Post

Instagram is a visual platform. It’s for voyeurs and lurkers. It’s to show beauty, bring on FOMO, and arouse desires. Create Instagram posts that foster engagement and conversion.

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Storytelling in Marketing with Shea Kane

Being transparent with your audience through storytelling is crucial to getting your message across in a meaningful way. That’s why episode 21 of the VIP Access Podcast is about Storytelling in Marketing! 

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How to do Effective Live Video for Marketing

The beauty of doing effective live video for marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is that your followers can get to know the REAL you. Make sure you own your live videos, properly plan your live videos, and keep your message short and sweet and your energy high!

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Accelerating your Business with Shannon Procise

Anybody can advance their business with a strategic approach. That’s why episode 20 of the VIP Access Podcast is about Accelerating your Business!  In this episode of VIP Access Podcast, Shannon Procise is sharing the importance of publicity to accelerate your business and actionable steps you can take right now to get noticed. Some of the talking points Shannon and I go …

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Becoming a Number One Bestselling Author with Becky Norwood

It is possible for anyone to write a #1 bestselling book with proper skills and knowledge. That’s why episode 19 of the VIP Access Podcast is about Becoming a Number One Bestselling Author!  In this episode of VIP Access Podcast, Becky Norwood of Spotlight Publishing is sharing the importance of exchanging stories and experiences, and actionable steps you can take right now …

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Podcasting for Marketing

There’s no more intimate a medium than a podcast. You’re one person listening to one or two people talking. They come into your phone or your computer or your car speaker and it’s like you’re the only one they’re speaking to.

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How to Write a Sales Email

Writing a sales email is a skill that must be developed in order to get potential clients and customers to buy what you’re selling. Follow these guidelines to get your sales emails on point.

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Why Blogging is the Basis of your Digital Marketing

Your blog post is the foundation of all the digital marketing you do each week. When your ideal customer or client has a problem, they go to Google and perform a search to find the solution to their problem. Your blog, in turn, answers those questions.

How to Rock Instagram

Instagram is an amazing marketing tool for your business when done right.

To get the most out of IG, follow these best practices for caption writing, hashtags, Instastories and photography on the social media platform.

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