How To Blog: 20 Simple Ideas for Blog Post Writing

Getting ideas for blogging can seem like a hugely daunting task if you’re not the writing type. Put yourself in your client’s or customer’s head. What might they want to know more about? Here’s a list of 20 actionable items you can use to write your next blog post.

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Pinterest Can Be a Game Changer For Your Business

Pinterest gets lumped in with the other social media platforms but it’s actually in a league of its own.

Think about how you use Pinterest for a minute. Do you go on there to chat with your friends and catch up the latest news? I should be hearing a resounding “no” right now.

And you’re right.

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Social Media Is For Everyone

Does social media scare you a bit or even give you anxiety? The thing about being a business owner in 2019 is that if you aren’t on social media, you’re not reaching your ideal customers in the most direct way possible. Here’s how I can help you feel more comfortable taking on digital marketing.

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Grow Your Community Step By Step

When I finally had the courage to hit send, I had nearly 200 email addresses in the BCC bar on the email. Even sending this email to friends and family was nerve wracking. All of a sudden my new business idea was becoming real, and all the members of my tribe were going to know about it. No going back now.

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Make the Best First Impression

Remember that old Head ‘n Shoulders commercial that says, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? That phrase definitely applies to your website. Your site is the face of your business. So paying careful attention to the various sections needed is key.

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Let’s Get Social!

Whatever your business, there’s at least one social media platform that will benefit you and help you showcase all your talents and/or products. Want to know how to choose?

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