How is marketing different than traditional PR?

PR involves hiring a publicist to pitch your book to traditional media outlets for press coverage. With book and brand marketing, we are helping build a bridge between publishing and publicity for you. A publicist can get you booked on podcasts and mainstream media outlets. But if you don't have effective messaging that resonates with your ideal reader, an online presence that shows them the value you provide, and you are not positioned as an AUTHORity, it doesn't matter what media you're featured in. People won't stick around. It takes between 7 and 20 touchpoints to make a sale. With content marketing for your book, you're able to show potential readers and clients what makes you an expert and get them to make a purchase.

How many books will I sell if I work with you?

If you don't have a book marketing strategy, it will be very difficult to sell books to your ideal reader. Marketing affords you brand visibility, as well as opportunities for podcast guesting and speaking. Book sales follow.

How long will it take to build my online platform?

In our 1:1 consulting container, we work with our clients for at least 6 months to help them develop effective messaging and a marketing strategy for launch and beyond.

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