Sparkles & Strategy Customized Book Marketing Strategy

Your book is just the beginning.

Let's create lots of traction to establish your online presence, grow your community and boost your authority.

Want to sparkle online as a thought leader, author, and business owner?

You know you have to create new content – across multiple platforms – regularly and consistently. But throwing the proverbial spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks won't cut it. You need a strategic content marketing plan that you can rinse and repeat.

In the Sparkles & Strategy 1:1 private coaching program, we can help you develop a content marketing strategy in 6 months to make you, your book, and ultimately your brand shine to consistently attract and nurture your ideal clients with engaging content.

Sell More Books and Programs

Perfect your messaging to consistently attract and nurture leads with your content.

Enjoy More Freedom

Have a customized content marketing plan that eliminates the guesswork and saves you time.

Make a Big Impact

Establish yourself as an industry expert with engaging content on the right online platforms.

Here's what's included...

Messaging that Attracts your Ideal Reader

❇️ Website and social media audit
❇️ Develop your content pillars and more than 60 content topics
❇️ Focus on the right social media platforms and create effective posts

Content Strategy + Planning

❇️ Writing effective captions for social media
❇️ Planning your content calendar with a focus on different platforms
❇️ Weekly/Quarterly Content Planning
❇️ Engagement Strategies

Lead Magnets + Welcome Sequence

❇️ Outline and plan your lead magnet and landing page to attract new email subscribers
❇️ Strategize and develop a 6 email welcome sequence to nurture your audience

Email Marketing, Blogging + Repurposing

❇️ Elevate your email marketing with a strategy for emails that convert
❇️ Learn the 3 types of emails for nurturing and sales
❇️ Blogging and repurposing strategies

Podcast Guesting + Live Video

❇️ Develop your speaker one-sheet
❇️ Techniques to get booked on podcasts
❇️ Live video basics and strategies

Launch Marketing Strategy

❇️ Planning marketing campaigns for future launches of books, audiobooks, programs, and more
❇️ Metrics that matter
❇️ Press release outline

You wrote the book. Now let's create the content marketing plan you need to stand out as a thought leader!

Boost your visibility, impact, and profits with our 6-month program that provides you with simple book and brand marketing strategies and the support you need to implement them.