What Our Happy Clients Have to Say...

After I completed writing draft three of my book (and although a marketer by profession), I had no idea what was required to improve my visibility among potential readers and to grab the attention of agents and publishers. In a period of six months, Melanie taught me everything I needed to know to elevate both my personal brand and my book. Melanie is like a human encyclopedia when it comes to book marketing, and she’s shown tremendous value to me through her services. I highly recommend working with Melanie if you are in need of comprehensive book marketing. 

Laurie B. Timms


Melanie is an intuitive marketer who specializes in Digital Marketing platforms for authors. In addition to helping expertly position me as an authoritative self-publishing author on the web, her years in broadcast media, journalism and experience in traditional marketing methods are what truly sets her apart in an industry often bogged down by amateur marketers who merely push the technical aspects of web marketing without the strategy and execution. Together, we recently successfully funded a 16K Kickstarter campaign in 31 days – an accomplishment that would have been impossible for me without a solid digital presence she helped me create. Her input in every single step of the way (from messaging to blind surveys to target audience interviews…. and even script writing) is why I would unequivocally choose Melanie as a marketing partner for success from start to finish. In addition, my confidence as an author and businesswoman has increased tenfold from Melanie’s support and coaching. The sky is the limit for you when you invest in yourself by hiring Melanie to build your business strategically from the ground up.

Lin Hawthorne

Author and Publisher

Melanie is truly in her zone of genius and a gem!  I highly recommend Melanie to anyone who has authored or is authoring a book and knows there is more to the platform than just the message. My words to Melanie: I love your demeanor and personality. It’s very uplifting and encouraging, which I in particular need and benefit greatly from. Thank you for being so authentic and for pushing me one step at a time. 🙂

Sasha Stair

Author, Senior Executive in Fintech, and Executive Leadership Coach

Without Melanie, my book would not have received the praise or attention it has. She is a true Marketing Genius and a partner of EVOOGuy.

David Neuman

Author, Olive Oil Expert, and Food Industry Executive

Melanie is incredible and she walks you through [the work]. She holds her hand every step of the way and everything that she is doing is layering upon the next thing, and so it’s really great to build that strong foundation so that you have the knowledge and the tools and the resources to take your business to the next level. And also to be able to know with certainty that you’re doing it right. [Working with her] brings you that peace of mind.

Crystal Partney

Author, Grief Coach, and Entrepreneur

I have worked with Melanie for the past several months and it has been a phenomenal experience! She is very down-to-earth and easy to work with, and I enjoy our meetings immensely. Melanie knows her stuff. And, she not only works with me, but also welcomed three other members of my team to our sessions to ensure that everyone is in sync and that everything is running as smoothly as possible. Melanie is always readily available to answer questions. She has saved me so much time and energy, freeing me up so that I can focus on other aspects of my business and not have to tend to everything myself. Melanie goes above and beyond in her customer service. She is a true professional and I highly recommend her services.

Lynsi Eastburn

Author and Hypnofertility Creator

Melanie expertly transformed my mindset and my digital marketing platform from tentative and sloppy to strategic and elegant. She helped me fine-tune and streamline my message, target the audience I wanted to reach and expertly taught me the “rules of play” in preparation for my book launch. An absolute pleasure to work with, Melanie demonstrated an innate skill for communicating clearly, precisely and with purpose. She is highly professional, organized, responsive, and gifted in the art of guiding her clients with grace and vision. I highly recommend Melanie is an invaluable partner if you hope to upgrade and take your business to the level.

Andrea Mein DeWitt

Author, Speaker, and Life Coach

VIP Digital Content has helped me with my weekly newsletters as well as my social media platforms.  Melanie Herschorn is one of my favorite people to work with.  She surprised me with how she was able to adopt my voice.  She is reliable, efficient and trustworthy.  I would recommend her through and through to anyone who needs to grow their brand!

Didi Wong

Author, International Keynote Speaker, TV & Film Producer, Business & Speaking Mentor, and Angel Investor

Melanie helped me nail down my niche, which was something I struggled with for a long time. This was hanging over me and she gave me the push I needed to just go for it! Not only did she support and cheer me on during our time working together, but she also worked with me to brainstorm and create new content topics and then implement them into a content schedule for my business. This formed the foundation of my content strategy for my instagram, email newsletter, and blog. This saves me so much time and I am able to work smarter with a system I can apply to grow my email list, followers, and my brand online! I can’t recommend Melanie enough, her support, knowledge, and guidance was invaluable.

Jacqueline Jouan

Brand Strategist